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Learning Hub

Welcome to InView’s Learning Hub. This is a place for in-house legal professionals to grow their skills through self-directed learning.

The Connected Legal Certification

LawVu’s Connected Legal Certification is a great place to start your learning. With this course you will be given the tools to become a more productive, engaged and impactful in-house professional.

This is the first certification of its kind with everything that you don’t learn in law school or private practice.

Learn more

Expand your skillset, improve your legal function, influence the business

100% free and online

Earn CPD/CLE credits*

Created for in-house legal professionals

Learn at your own pace

*We're here to support your learning and streamline your ways of working. However, we can't guarantee that our certifications meet the CPD or CLE requirements in your jurisdiction. Please make your own assessment based on your unique requirements.

“The Connected Legal Certification is full of great content.

I think it's critical for in-house legal teams to get beyond the day-to-day whirlwind of reactive work, and be able to assist their company to reach its strategic goals. This course will assist anyone in achieving those objectives and take their in-house team to the next level.

Matthew Gardner - Global Privacy Officer at UBT

“As an in-house Legal Operations Manager, staying up to date on industry trends is important, and LawVu makes that possible. With the help of their incredible resources, I was able to achieve the Connected Legal Certification.

Each course provides you with the tools that will help you identify and implement changes in technology, people, and processes.’’

Courtney Maue - Legal Operations Manager

“I'm always looking for ways to become a more productive, engaged and impactful in-house legal professional.

The Connected Legal Certification gave me actionable insights and tools to take back to my team to make this a reality.’’

Kai Smith - Legal Associate at The Walt Disney Company

Empower your legal career by learning with InView

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with working in an in-house legal role, and our community is here to support you every step of the way.

Our Learning Hub offers legal professionals at all stages of their career the chance to gain invaluable insights from industry experts, and access a wide range of tailored resources to enhance your professional development.

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