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The rise and benefits of the freelance General Counsel

Is the freelance GC a role on the rise? The digital economy is shaking up the legal profession.

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How to build out your in-house legal team

Building an in-house team is a bit like a game of Tetris as finding lawyers with the right skill set and cultural alignment is not always straightforward. Helen Doukas and Shaun Plant provide invaluable insights into how to create a thriving legal department.

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Fortifying your in-house-external legal relationships

Let’s talk tech-enabled communication for law firms.

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In-house counsel in an entrepreneurial business

Lawyers in entrepreneurial businesses don’t have a standard job description. What's different?

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A priceless partnership: CEOs and their Chief Legal Officer

Every excellent story has a dynamic duo so why should a corporate's narrative be any different?

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Behind the veil of in-house legal with InView Champion Theo Kapodistrias

Proactive legal actions require early involvement with the business, how do we achieve that?

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Behind the veil of legal with InView Champion Kate Sherburn

Kate Sherburn on how to ensure the business engages legal early in the process

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Authenticity matters in the legal profession and here is why

What if it was about time for lawyers to be themselves, and bring their whole-self to work?

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Career Development

Are law grads seeking access to different career pathways?

In-house teams are rivaling private practice with junior lawyers wanting to get right on board.

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It’s meant to be: the marriage between contract and matter management

The marriage between matter and contract management saves time and money for in-house teams.

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What is the future of law degrees?

Law school. Is it going to become a relic of the past?

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