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2024 In-house Legal Technology Report

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What’s in the report?

The 2024 In-house Legal Technology Report is your definitive guide to legal technology trends within in-house legal, including:

  • Challenges faced by in-house teams and the impact on business objectives
  • Priorities for legal teams over the next few years
  • The perceptions of legal tech including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the current state of adoption
  • Key takeaways for legal leaders and call-out stats for in-house legal operations

Download the full report to uncover all trends surrounding legal tech and to see how your legal team compares.

Key takeaways:

The top priority in 2024 is improving efficiency

Staffing concerns emerge as the number one challenge

Legal teams continued to be burdened by low-level administrative work

AI and consolidated solutions can provide desired efficiency gains

Legal teams are adopting advanced legal tech, like AI and consolidated solutions, but there’s room to mature and realize further benefits

Pain points with current legal tech offerings relate to a reliance on multiple tools

The report allows you to:

  • Compare your adoption of legal technology with other in-house teams
  • Identify ways to address and prioritize common challenges
  • Assess your technology usage and strategies for best outcomes
  • Identify ways technology adoption and implementation can best serve your business

The survey was conducted by Perceptive during October 2023 among legal professionals from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Download the report