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InView is a community for in-house legal professionals to share, connect and learn. We wanted to create a place where all of us in-house can be one with our peers, as well as break down some of the silos that exist between legal and the rest of the business, and if we are being honest, each other in a modern, cool and fun way.

We hope InView is a place that you can come learn, share, connect and also contribute. In the making of this community we wanted to share the stories, journeys and the amazing work that in-house professionals like you are doing the world over whether that’s as General Counsel, a lawyer or counsel as part of a team, a legal operations professional, paralegal or anyone else.

In-house legal teams and professionals are a little bit heroic, getting through a lot of work, in a short amount of time, with the daily grind flying by as you try keep pace with the rest of the organization. As jurisdictions and technology are changing, you keep up, and we are here to keep up with you. To share your stories, bring you the latest in content and conversations that develop as the industry evolves, and as you establish what the next version of best practice looks like.
And, through our community champions program you’ll get to follow the lives of legal ops leaders leading the charge and the change in their organizations, hearing it straight from them, in their words, about what they are practicing, what change they are making and what they are thinking about in real time. Who better to hear from than the people doing the doing.

We have an open door policy, where you can share with us in real time what you want to read and learn about, and even who you want to connect with. On occasion we’ll also branch out with our content as we know that in-house have to deal with much more than just the law. You are commercial, technology powered, interesting people (not robots) that want to know just as much about leadership, business and change management as you do about the law, risk, and compliance.

We’re on a mission to bring legal back to the heart of the business where it belongs.  

Welcome to the tribe.

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